Even though we’re not high rollers, we win on a visit to Vegas

A lovely Chihuly in a lounge isn’t enough for the Bellagio …

To do things up in Vegas style, you need a full Chihuly ceiling.

Las Vegas did not build all this glitter in the desert based on the wagering of the likes of my companion and me.

We just spent five days in Vegas. I don’t think we bet $100 between the two of us.

We did take in a show. We ate and drank at Vegas prices. We spent a night in a penthouse suite. We took in the Vegas lights and sights, where even something as beautiful as Chihuly glass art must be done to excess.

But this was mostly a business and family visit to Vegas. I attended a conference, as lots of visitors do. But when my day at the career fair was over, instead of heading for the casino, I headed for the home of my son, Joe, and his wife, Kim. Continue reading