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2 Roads Diverged is about two travelers who take the same road but see it through different eyes. We’re empty nesters who travel frequently. Steve’s job and some outside consulting take him across the United States and occasionally beyond. Mimi’s a writer who frequently accompanies him and suggests side trips or takes them on her own while Steve is working.

On a trip to Europe a couple years ago, our middle son and his wife each kept separate journals daily and then compared notes, each getting to re-experience the day through the eyes of the companion. Our son suggested we might do the same as a blog. We’re not sure why we are following a son’s suggestion. Really, how often did any of our kids follow ours?

If you like our writing, check out Mimi’s novel, Gathering String, or her occasional blog, Ruby Eyed Fox. Or check out Steve’s more frequently updated journalism blog, The Buttry Diary, or his baseball blog, Hated Yankees.

When possible, we’ll try to each write a post each evening of the trip. Our travels are sporadic and the blog will be, too. The tales we tell are factual, except where our roads diverge. In those cases, you’ll just have to pick which one of us to believe.

This blog is a secondary writing pursuit for each of us. Mimi is the author of the novel Gathering String, blogs at Ruby Eyed Fox and tweets as @mimijohnson. Steve blogs at The Buttry Diary and Hated Yankees and tweets as @stevebuttry.

We’ve written about our travel before:

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